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Victor Harbor Branch Infrastructure

SteamRanger infrastructure consists of the trackbed and some 80km of rail line, depots at Mt Barker and Goolwa, station buildings, bridges, a tunnel under the South Eastern Freeway, and associated signalling, communication and safeworking facilities


After several years maintaining locos at the SAR's Mile End Depot, SteamRanger acquired a lease of land at Dry Creek and built a substantial depot in 1979. This had to be abandoned 20 years later when interstate line gauge standardisation led to building of replacement depots at Mt Barker and Goolwa.

  •    Dry Creek Depot
    Three reports on the first stages of leasing and establishing SteamRanger's first loco depot at Dry Creek. from Recorder, Jan 1979, July 1979 and Dec 1979
    Summary of overall project by Frank McDonnell from from book "50 years of ARHS (SA Division)"
    Some photos included

  •    Relocation of SteamRanger Workshops from Dry Creek to Mount Barker
    Extracts by M. Thompson and I. Johnston from book "50 years of ARHS (SA Division)"     2002

  •    Construction of Goolwa Depot
    Extract from "50 Years of ARHS SA Division" contributed by Dean Harvey
    and Portfolio of 4 photos by Roger Currie showing first stages of construction from Recorder, Nov 87


  •    SA Railway Stations - Victor Harbor      Recorder, Apr 85
    Profile of Victor station since line opening in 1864. Includes photo of the building in 1964. Article and appended extract from September 1987 issue of "Recorder" discusses alternative spellings of "Harbor" and "Harbour"

  •    Pt Elliot station      Recorder, Mar 86
    Profile of the station including history of its establishment.   Includes sketch map of current & previous railway lines in the area and historic photos from SLSA