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Locomotives and Railcars

A selection of articles from the "Recorder", "Belletin" and "Catchpoint" illustrating some of the engineering challenges faced in keeping our heritage locomotives operational.

Loco 520

  •    The 520 Class 4-0-4 Locomotive      Bulletin March 44
    Contemporary Bulletin announcement of the first 520 class loco to be commissioned by the SAR
    Includes general arrangement drawing of the loco as constructed

  •    4-8-4 Locomotives for the South Australian Railways      Catchpoint Jul 93
    Reprint of a later SAR Mechanical Dept document providing more detailed information on the features of the 520 class

  •    Problems with 520 - An insight into steam loco maintenance 1978      Recorder Aug 78
    Report by ARHS Loco Manager on major maintenance tasks in 1977 - 78,
    including fabrication of a new tender and replacement of boiler stays and tubes.
    Includes selection of photographs (some from Apr 78 issue)

  •    Project 520 - Report on major maintenance work on 520 in 1981      Recorder Aug 82
    Report by Loco Manager on major maintenance work carried out in 1981 / 82 including retyring
    of coupled wheels and adjustment of bearings
    Attached is article from March 81 issue describing lifting of loco from wheels for offsite machining
    Selection of photos, including some from March 82 issue

Loco 621
  •    1970s Restoration of 621 - "Duke of Edinburgh" - April 6th 1971      Recorder May 71
    Lengthy report by Kim Bird on completion of restoration and renaming of 621
    and of special excursion trains over Easter 1971

  •    1980s Recommissioning of 621      Recorder Jan 86     - Ian Johnston
    Summary of activities involved over period 1982 - 86 to return loco 621 to service.
    Includes 4 photos of work on boiler

Brill Railcar 60
  •    The passing of An Era      Recorder June 1969
    Report on the last days of the 75 class "Brill" railcars in SAR service. Car 60 subsequently rebuilt by SteamRanger

930 Class DE Loco
  •    The 930s Come of Age      Recorder December 1976     - John Ramsay
    Report on the introduction of the 930 class DEs to SAR , written to celebrate their 21st anniversary