Track and Communications Infrastructure

SteamRangers 80km of track is the responsibility of the Track team, a subsection looks after communications, signalling and level crossing protection

Michelle Bull planning a track inspection before setting out on her trolley in 1998

.....whilst Troy Barker and Graham and Matt Bull tinker with their troopy in the old goods shed at Mt Barker

A major job at the Depot.

By 1998, the poor soil conditions in the yard north of the depot had caused several tracks to sink and twist and it was a matter of digging up the ballast and replacing it with more substantial foundations.

Road 4 was excavated in April 1998

..... followed by Road 5

....and then Michelle Bull, watched by Graham got busy with the tamper

And out on the main line -

Troy Barker, Adrian Size, Alan Grundy, Graham and Michelle and Michael Heyer rebuild the main line switches at the southern end of Mt Barker yard.

Adrian, Graham and Alan replacing switchstand sleepers as part of the job

..... and "redcoats" Graham, Alan and Michelle adjust the switchstand operation

In 1999 Michael shows her hand at some spot tamping at Mt Barker

..... whilst Matt spools up his Fairmont trolley

Instructions from the boss! (Michelle Bull and Ian Johnston)

More track adjustments - Terry Garbett just outside the depot

Weedspraying - a never ending responsibiity with help from some volunteers outside the track team - Doug McKenzie spraying for fennell in early 2002

.... whilst Ken Wastell drives the road - railer for Doug and Peter Kither.

Turn of the century communications - Troy Barker and Matt Bull help to maintain a section of the old "patry line" telephone network