Down South - lots of action at Goolwa Depot

As well as its main depot at Mt Barker, SteamRanger also operates a sub-depot at Goolwa,
mainly to support operations of the local "Cockle Train"

Over nearly 19 years, the volunteers at Goolwa have also undertaken a major restoration of Brill railcar 60,
installing a diesel engine in a virtually derelict railcar trailer.
The car returned to service in mid 2001

The original Goolwa team with F251 - Phil Neville, Ken and Keith Wastall (Oct 98)

Phil unloading light up wood collected along the track

Ken Wastall making some adjustments to the depot's grass slasher


The "Brill" Restoration Project

October 1998 - still a long way to go - passenger area of Car60 with the windowws and wall panelling being replaced

Ken Wastall surveys the work needed on an end platform

..... and Keith gets some advice from Phil

Phil the railcar driver - at the driver's console in October 98

Keith and Ken listening to the throb of the new GardNer engine

Celebrating the first trial run to Mt Barker - Phil Neville, Don Dunkerley, Ken Wastall, Ian Johnston and Stephen Davey. (15th March 99)