Restoration of "The Duke" - Loco 621

Light Pacific "621" was restored to service in 2001
after being out of service for many years on account of a defective steam header

The following photos illustrate the work involved.

The major restoration activity involved casting a new steam header. These photos show the steps in making a mould pattern.

A polystyrene pattern being used to form the sand casting at McKechnies Foundary in June 1999

Patterns .....

..... and more patterns

Then all the action as the metal is poured! - 15th July 1999

..... and when it all cooled down, the saturated neck of a new header appeared

...... and Mark Batten, Bernie Dickinson, Ron Williams and Ian Johnston looked it all over

...... and then its a cold water "hydro" to see where the leaks are

Barry Edwards winds it up to 300psi whilst boiler inpector supervises

Meanwhile, back at the Depot, Eddie Howes gets to work on 621's blowdown valve

.... and Trevor Clift sets about removing scale from inside the boiler

A bit of a break in 2000 due to the recomissioning of Rx207 and then the 621 project spools up again. Peter Brown installs new smoke baffles in mid 2001,

...... and then in goes the header!

Ron Williams dropping in the dome cover in September 2001

.... and then awaits the consequences of a hot hydro

.... with inspector Bernie Dickinson

Dear, dear. A couple of leaky cracks!

.....which needed to be ground out and repaired

Back together again....and a test run to Victor Harbor for all the volunteers. Captured by Kevin Marzahn